Free mining tools for crypto addicts

Low power range

Aldi miners have been made for those who have a limited hardware configuration and/or a low energy supply. Perfect for solo miners and early rewards lovers. 

Easy to use

Aldi softwares have been designed to be used by beginners as well as experienced miners, with a nice and friendly GUI.
Just click and start mining!

Ledger software

Aldi miners don't require a lot of GPU resources, and are released as ledger self-executables, which can be stored on a USB key. Perfect for travelers!

ALDI Tools

Cryptocurrencies for everyone

Our aim is to give to everyone the ability to mine cheaply and getting good investments at the same time. Our miners are free, easy to use, and work on a large choice of cryptos.

ALDI was created to fight against huge mining farms, and encouraging solo mining, little and medium mining groups.